Current Exhibitions

Exhibition "Energie" with Künstlerbund Heilbronn (Art Association Heilbronn), Galerie K55
Duration: 09.05.2021 - 06.06.2021
Vernissage: Sunday, 9th Mai 2021, 5pm

Exhibition "Pantone Classic Blue 19-4052" (Finale Regionale) with Kunstverein Heilbronn (Art Club Heilbronn), Allee 28/Harmonie
Duration: 02.05.2021 - 06.06.2021



Werner Dorsch was born in Heilbronn, Germany, in 1952. He studied graphic and design at the Academy of Communication in Stuttgart, with art training by Walter Thumm. Between 1995 and 2002 he attended a few masters with some of the most prominent art teachers in Germany (of the caliber of Claude Mancini, Andrea Stahl, Berndt Petri, Nick Golder and Gisela Radu). Since 1998 he has been exhibiting in major art fairs and exhibitions in Europe and occasionally in the US.

Werner Dorsch has turned more and more of concrete art and op art in recent years. The connection of concrete art with the Op Art allow the artist, with the help of geometric abstract form patterns and color figures in the eye of the beholder elicit effects that can lead to optical illusions. Each work trains the eye on its way, as long as it wants the viewer and looking. The works of Werner Dorsch have a technical perfection that is the intellectual equal of the draft. He works with the sizes of mathematics and science, i.e. by means of thinking. The viewer is in its sensual and spatial vision demanded a lot, what art can become a kind of interaction. Minimalist to the smallest detail accurately, precisely, by working with color or monochrome effect, for example, the artist with the work "From the height of" the picture from above the float chamber. So it is also recurrent in other works, which also include spaces or float through those which form new shapes and always re-open the eye up new perspectives. Painted images are usually with acrylic paint on modern, durable media such as canvas or wood panels. All are works that can draw us into its spell entice you to watch and (...)

Angelika Mansion, Art Critic


  • - Kunstverein Heilbronn: Art Club Heilbronn
  • - Künstlerbund Heilbronn: Art Association Heilbronn
  • - Internationale Vereinigung Neuer Konkreter Kunst (IVNKK): International Association for Concrete Art


1995-1997 Graphic Design studies, academy for communication Stuttgart and art classes with Walter Thumm
1995-2002 Art courses with: Heide Weber, Heilbronn; Gisela Radu, Wiesbaden; Nick Golder, Widdern; Kunstakademie Trier: Andrea Stahl, Bernd Petri u. Claude Mancini
1998: Cultural building Leingarten
1999: AOK and community college Heilbronn
2000: Permanent exhibition we do arts Leingarten
2001: WineVilla Heilbronn, townhall Bad Wimpfen
2002: Autoarena Heilbronn, Volksbank Leingarten
2003: Art market Cologne, DT & SHOP Bad Bocklet
2004: Art club Heilbronn, Heilbronn University
2005: Iduna Tower Mannheim, gallery JJ Watts Tampa (USA)
2006: Art fair Salzburg (Austria), Rainbow International Flein
2007: Art forum international Swizerland, Art festival Westhofen with gallery Alta Ripa Mannheim
2008: ART Innsbruck with gallery Alta Ripa Mannheim, art fair Salzburg
2009: Künstlerbund Heilbronn, gallery Beck Homburg / Saarbrücken
2010: ART Innsbruck, BBK Karlsruhe, Messmer Foundation Riegel, courthouse Heilbronn with Künstlerbund Heilbronn
2011: Administrative court Stuttgart with Syrlin art club, kinetics exhibition art hall Messmer Riegel
2012: Künstlerbund Heilbronn, IHK Heilbronn
2013: Cultural center Pfeiffer Leonberg, Messmer Foundation Riegel, Art Miami
2014: Künstlerbund Stuttgart and art club Heilbronn with Künstlerbund Heilbronn
2015: Gallery M Riegel, courthouse Heilbronn with Künstlerbund Heilbronn
2016: Messmer Foundation Riegel, Dorfmuseum Lengnau (CH), Gallery Preußners Hamburg, City of Spreitenbach (CH)
2017: Art club Heilbronn (Finale Regionale), townhall Abstatt, BY ART Gallery Budapest (Hungary) with IVNKK
2018: Üblacker-Häusl München with IVNKK, townhall Leingarten
2019: Water Castle Bad Rappenau with IVNKK
2020: Galerie Quadrart Dornbirn with IVNNK, Tagungsstätte Löwenstein, Kunstverein Heilbronn with Künstlerbund Heilbronn